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Full Deposition of Angela Edwards “Robo-Verifier” as Servicer for the Plaintiff for Verification of Foreclosure Complaint Full Deposition of Angela Edwards "Robo-Verifier" as Servicer for the Plaintiff for Verification of Foreclosure Complaint. Great depo of a "Robo-Verifier" who knows nothing in a foreclosure case. First, although the Ms. EDWARDS listed her position as "Vice President" in the verification of the Complaint, Ms. EDWARDS admitted that.

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What are your thoughts on the possible change of real estate commissions if it were to pass? In case you haven’t heard, there is a large class action suit that could change real-estate commissions. They are actually doing this in other countries so it is a real possibility this could happen.

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2. Challenge Your Thoughts Next, do a thought experiment to test the validity of what you’re thinking. Hold your own thought pattern under scrutiny and ask yourself: Is this thought true and accurate? Build your case with real-world evidence: write down all proof for your beliefs in one column and the counter-examples in the other.

Click through to see what happened or simply to decide if your list jibes with ours. "I said a few months ago when my daughter was born, everything was gonna change," said the winner, who sent the.

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7 States With the Most Underwater Home Owners New York has the second-most seriously underwater mortgages with 172,000, but that’s only 6.7 percent of homes there, or about half the percentage in Chicago. Chicago also has the smallest share of.