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When training narcotics dogs, we never allow them physical contact with the drugs; they are trained only to detect the scent of the drugs. dual purpose – K9 bomb detection dogs. These dogs are fully-trained K9s with the advantage of being bomb sniffing dogs. For bomb detection, dogs are trained with real explosive materials, not simulated scents.

Drug & Bomb Dogs, Police Dogs, Florida | K9 Detection Dog Training, Police Dogs for Sale Our Law Enforcement, Military, and SAR dogs are the best in the business. With locations across the globe, GAK9 is the World’s Premier K9 Training Company. Call us today for more information on our available K9’s at (843) 822-1315.

Need a top-level drug dog to make up your K9 team? We have expertly-trained drug detection dogs for sale for law enforcement work. All our dogs are hand-picked in Germany and trained at southern coast k9′s spotless detection dog training facility in Florida. Call 877.903.3647.

allows handlers and K9 dogs to withstand even the most demanding situation. The Dogtra dual-function BALL TRAINER is another unique tool for K9s, specifically for scent detection training and bark &.

The big difference between Georgia K9 NTC and any other K9 company is the simple fact that we are involved in the dog’s life from beginning to the time it goes to a new handler. contact gak9 ntc for Police Dog Training or K9 availability.

The new K9 handler will be Officer. If the dog is certified, any evidence turned up can be used in a court proceeding. The dog Bandon will purchase will be a "passive alert" dog and trained to "sit.

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The Maui News / CHRIS SUGIDONO photo A highly trained canine recovery team has given. are trained to locate and alert handlers to the scent of blood, bones, tissue and human decomposition. Any.

K2 Canine (K9), a world-class leader for superior canine sales, services, and training for law enforcement (police, sheriffs, and military), government agencies, and multinational corporations. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act for person-borne explosive detection dogs. providing service dogs, multi-purpose canines, single purpose canines, dual purpose canines, and canine assessment.

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