Arizona Real Estate Experiences A Significant Drop in Mortgage Delinquency Rates – Jeff Cameron

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The mortgage delinquency rate will drop to its lowest level since 2005. Mortgage delinquency rates have declined almost every quarter since their peak of 7.21% in Q1 2010. We forecast this trend to continue in 2018 as serious mortgage delinquency rates reach the lowest level observed since 2005.

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2. Jeff DiModica and Dennis Schuh. President; Chief Originations Officer at Starwood Property Trust Last Year’s Rank: 4 When it comes to what sets Starwood Property Trust apart from other non-bank commercial real estate lenders, sheer size and firepower are the Connecticut-based mortgage real estate investment trust’s most obvious endowments.

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Arizona now ranks as the ninth lowest mortgage delinquency rate in the country. The average ‘non-current’ rate (the percentage of Arizona mortgage holders who are behind on their payments) has dropped to 6.4 percent for the month. The national average currently sits at 10%. What’s more pressing is that the national average of non-current mortgages didn’t drop as much as those in Arizona year over year.

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