Where The Jobs Will (And Won’t) Be In 2013

NPs can prescribe medication, examine patients, diagnose illnesses, and. professionals since there simply won't be enough doctors to go around. In fact, during the decade of 2014-2024, the BLS projects that nurse practitioner jobs will .

Home Refinance Handled Quickly – Royal United Mortgage LLC Under new mortgage rules announced in June by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, borrowers will be allowed to use up to 80 per cent of their property’s value as collateral for home-equity loans, down from.

The sophomore class of 2015 performs Jason Mraz’s "I Won’t Give Up" to win the talent show at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s 2013 Olympic Games. Great job, guys.

immigrants fill job vacancies and many believe that they create jobs and do not take jobs from native workers. This view is corroborated by evidence-based research showing that immigrants-of all skill levels-do not significantly affect native employment in the short term and boost employment in the long term. AUtHoR’s mAin messAGe

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December 12, 2013. Since the early days of science fiction, man has worried that robots would eventually take their jobs. So far, the news seems to be mixed – sometimes robots giveth jobs and.

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job openings usually offer more employment opportunities. As table 2 shows, many of these STEM occupations are related to technology. For example, BLS projects applications software developers to have more than 200,000 job openings between 2012 and 2022. Occupation Job openings, projected 2012-22 Employment Median annual wage, May 2013

A 2013 paper by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne, of the University of Oxford, argued that jobs are at high risk of being automated in 47% of the occupational categories into which work is.

. in a foriegn country? Here are 10 jobs that pay you to travel; you can travel the world and make money while you're doing it.. Originally published in 2013.

In the business world, just over 15 percent of leadership positions are held by women, and in the military it’s even less. Without more women in the platoons and top Pentagon jobs – usually filled by those who have held combat positions – the U.S. military won’t be as smart as it could be, Haring argues.

Never lie to your potential employer, because if they do a background check and you lied you won't get the job. If you know it is likely that you.

10 Crazy Workplace Rules You Won’t Believe. Topics: May 9, 2013. Every workplace needs some rules. They are what prevents employees from clocking in late, getting drunk at their desks, and.