What “The Big Short” Gets Right—and Wrong

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The Big Short does a great job depicting the mixed motives of the characters played by Steve Carell and Christian Bale (and its other stars, Ryan Gosling and brad pitt) dean baker, mentioned above, probably got more right about the housing bubble and its effect on the real economy than anyone else.

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For a Hollywood movie, “The Big Short” is surprisingly sophisticated about what caused the financial crisis, but it fumbles a few key issues.

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What "The Big Short" Gets Right-and Wrong . Amine Ouazad, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Economics | January 15, 2016. For a Hollywood movie, "The Big Short" is surprisingly sophisticated about what caused the financial crisis, but it fumbles a few key issues.

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The Big Short (2015) - Brownfield Fund gets ISDA [HD 1080p] What ‘The Big Short’ gets right, and wrong, about the housing bubble. "The Big Short" makes a big deal of its protagonists realizing that there was a giant housing bubble in the middle.

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Also read: ‘The Big Short’ Gets Big Boost From Globes, SAG Nominations in Box Office Debut. The director of ‘The Big Short,’ a rollicking adaptation of Michael Lewis’ non-fiction examination of the financial crisis, has taken that book’s disparate threads and thrown them together onscreen, and the.

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The site’s critical consensus reads, "The Big Short approaches a serious, complicated subject with an impressive attention to detail – and manages to deliver a well-acted, scathingly funny indictment of its real-life villains in the "What ‘The Big Short’ Gets Right, and Wrong, About the Housing Bubble".

If you haven’t yet watched the movie The Big Short , I highly recommend it, but not for the The most effective characters-Michael Burry and Mark Baum-volunteer to do the right thing: bring down He’s disgusted by the industry and wants justice for the average American who gets fleeced by the.