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Talk key takeaways from KubeCon 2019 with TechCrunch writers May 20, 2019 Arman Tabatabai The Linux Foundation’s annual KubeCon Europe conference is going down at the Fira Gran Via exhibition center in Barcelona, Spain this week and TechCrunch is on the scene covering all the latest

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Oracle will add new cloud regions around the world over the next two years, in hopes of stealing market share from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Despite Oracle’s efforts, a few key.

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At qcon san francisco nora jones presented "Designing Services for Resilience Experiments: Lessons from Netflix". Key takeaways from the talk included: engineers should not lose sight of the company’s.

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4 days ago. The New Stack has been talking and writing a lot about TechCrunch.. Google's Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Foundry's Upcoming Philadelphia.

If I was a lazier writer, I’d recommend you read. choose its offering over Android’s default, Google Assistant. Instead, Bixby was half-baked when it arrived on the S8. The company’s made some key.

These shared our experience and the challenges we faced throughout the process of moving from a VM-based to a container-based architecture and migrating our infrastructure to Kubernetes running on.

Nokia and Lenovo lead global survey on regularity of android brand software and security updates · Google hopes to protect users with open source differential.

Lewis: So, Sarah, a ton going on in tech this week, the next couple weeks with earnings. Two pretty followed Fool companies reported yesterday after the bell. We dug into the reports and are ready to.

India could be the Google’s next big frontier for growth in the cloud business as it expects business to triple year on year for the next five years in the country. Google, which set up its first.

Talk all things robotics and AI with TechCrunch writers. April 15, 2019. TICKERS TC. category conference calls, technology, uc/berkeley, and 16 more. from TechCrunch. Talk key takeaways from Google Cloud Next with TechCrunch writers. April 09, 2019. TICKERS TC. category Cloud , TC,