Retired Teachers Scammed In Ponzi Scheme – Securities Law

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Retired Teachers Scammed In Ponzi Scheme – Securities Law Ponzi Scams: Madoff Victims to Get $93M, Fraud Lawsuits Name Insurance Brokerage Head in $10M Scheme. The 69-year-old was the head of ISC Inc., an insurance brokerage and investment business. Many of his investors were retired and had limited financial resources.

The Texas State Securities Board issued an emergency. that threatened legal action against a 75-year-old retired teacher who. The state board has led an aggressive effort to fight the rise of cryptocurrency-related fraud.

Department of Education, 14 school boards sued the state for more local control by arguing that several parts of the law,

Ponzi schemes. Dividends but no real investment. One of the simplest yet most effective investment scams is the ponzi scheme. The promoter promises investors a return on investment and says it is secure, but there is no real ‘investment’.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken action against what it alleges is a $30 million cryptocurrency scam based.

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Phil Donnahue Williamson Allegedly Siphoned Money from His Investment Fund and Defrauded Investors, Including Several Retired Teacher and law enforcement officers Phil Donnahue Williamson allegedly siphoned money from his investment fund and defrauded investors, including several retired local teachers and law enforcement officers, according to an SEC Complaint currently under review by attorneys Joe Peiffer.

Protect Your Retirement From These Investment Scams.. which oversees U.S. securities firms.. they accused Dawson of running a Ponzi scheme. Dawson is now in jail awaiting trial, charged with.

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Last year authorities charged a now-barred advisor with running a $2 million Ponzi scheme, whose victims included a former police officer, a retired teacher and a church pastor. Phil Donnahue Williamson has since pleaded guilty and will serve 57 months in prison, according to court documents.