Puppy stolen from family two years ago found nearly 2,000 miles away

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‘We Kind of Gave Up on It’: Dog That Disappeared in Florida Is Found 18 Months Later 1,000 Miles Away The rescue where Relay the dog was taken has been looking for a volunteer to drive her to Florida

Someone has stole my dog and now two years later I have found the dog. What sort of legal action do i need to take to get my dog back? I called the police once I found the dog and they didn’t even fill out a report. I have the guys name and a hair sample from My dog(the stolen one). I also have the mother and the son of the dog which was missing.

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A veterinarian is working to repair a dog’s broken bones and get him healthy again after he was stolen from his owner’s backyard and found weeks later miles from home.

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SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. – A dog found abandoned on the eastern Plains of Colorado has been returned to its family, nearly two years after it was stolen in Florida as a puppy.

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Dog stolen 2 years ago reunited with family after being found nearly 2,000 miles away April 22, 2019 Kansas City Watch The German shepherd was covered with snow in a ditch, apparently malnourished, with an injured leg when a deputy marshal found her. The pet was identified thanks to its microchip.

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