Non Judicial Foreclosure Coming to Florida?

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Management Companies, Home Owners Associations, Developers and Lenders are now able to obtain clear title on abandoned or delinquent inventory, death and divorce. As opposed to traditional foreclosure methods, the non-judicial foreclosure results can be much faster, inexpensive, and efficient.

(c) Cause a copy of the notice of sale described in subsection (2) of this section to be transmitted by both first-class and either certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, to the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney of record, in any court action to foreclose a lien or other encumbrance on all or any part of the property, provided a court action is pending and a lis pendens in.

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 · U.S. foreclosure filings dropped to a five-year low in September as fewer homes were on track to be seized by lenders. But Arizona still ranked near the top on the foreclosure list. It was the.

we’ll be watching that state closely over the coming months to gauge its impact, as well."" At the current rate, LPS’ data revealed it will take 62 months to clear foreclosure inventory in judicial.

percent over last year. Foreclosures fell 16 percent nationwide, while Florida showed 73,344 foreclosure filings in the first quarter. Decreases were generally shown in states with non-judicial foreclosure processes, while states, such as Florida, with a judicial foreclosure process reported increases. Florida TaxWatch

 · State laws will extend foreclosure pain by 30 months or more. The foreclosure inventory in judicial states remains three times that of non-judicial states and.

Non-binding Arbitration (954) 831-6313. The program reviews all applications for non-binding arbitration and maintains an updated listing of qualified non-binding arbitrators. The program also maintains statistics for non-binding arbitration orders and hearings in Broward County. Click here for the 17th Circuit’s list of qualified arbitrators.

Judicial Foreclosure States Slow to Join Housing Recovery. HomeNews.. and it is coming down to a battle between title and lien theory states.. which allows borrowers to turn a non-judicial.

It’s Time We Talked Mandatory mediation in the foreclosure process. $6 million in the coming two years. The large geographic area involved. In contrast to California, Nevada-also a non-judicial foreclosure state hit hard by the crisis-will deploy a full-blown.