Is a Mold Inspection Necessary before Remediation? 4 Reasons Why

 · Why professional mold inspections Are Safer. After reading the many disadvantages of using a mold test kit, it can become obvious why a professional mold inspection is a much safer choice. All companies and organizations that promote air quality in homes and communities strongly advise against using a mold test kit.

Do I need to pay a professional for expensive mold testing?. doing so for years because it is our mission to get good factual information about mold out. to get rid of the mold following proper Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Principles.

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You want to take the necessary actions for a proper inspection, remediation, and implement a future prevention plan. A professional mold inspector is more than just a fancy title. Your mold inspector should possess the knowledge to detect mold, find the root cause of the mold problem within your facility and know how to prevent it.

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PrimeAire has earned the honor of being named the most trusted mold inspection company in the New York, New Jersey and. mold and its potential for harm, there are plenty of valid reasons to perform mold testing.. company to define the boundaries of the affected area needing remediation. 4) Identify the types of mold present (i.e.

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Why Test For Mold? Older homes are especially susceptible to mold infestation, considering they were built to be air-tight. This is a perfect environment for the mold.