Florida: Still struggling after the housing bust

A) No, In My Opinion It is Not a Good Time to Buy a Home in Florida. Why? It’s still a seller’s market, so buyers are paying more than they need to. Prices won’t be going much higher, much longer, so if you can wait you will be better off. Florida homes will be selling at a.

Florida Offers Mortgage Aid, But Homeowners Must Act Fast In order to determine if a florida mortgage refinance is beneficial, the savings in interest must be compared to the fees associated with the Florida mortgage refinance process. An example of a refinance fee is a prepayment fee. There are many reasons that Florida homeowners choose to mortgage refinance. We have listed 3 of the more common reasons.

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Why You Need to Know Where Florida Real Estate Prices are Heading Before You Buy or Sell. If you are thinking of selling your home in the state you now live so you can buy a home or condo in Florida, knowing exactly where the Florida real estate market is now.

Mortgage Florida Bucking the national trend, Ross Mortgage Corp. is opening a new branch in Jacksonville, Fla., that will be managed by local mortgage lending experts William and Angela Green. The Greens have a.

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 · 10 Years After the Crash, the Boom Times Are Back in Real Estate-but Way Different

Nationwide, home values now are nearly equal to what they would have been had values continued along the pre-bubble trend without a bubble or bust. A decade after the collapse of the housing market and start of the Great Recession, home values have more than recovered in most of the nation’s largest markets.

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2012-08-08  · LOS ANGELES (AP) – U.S. homeowners are getting better about keeping up with their mortgage payments, driving the percentage of borrowers who have fallen behind to a three-year low, according to a new report. Still, the rate of decline remains.

Over at least a dozen years leading up to the housing bust, there was a consistent ratio of five or six existing home sales for each new home sold at the national level. Since the beginning of 2007, however, the housing demand that still exists has tilted even more.

2016-04-20  · Struggling Florida homeowners are losing out on $250 million in mortgage assistance because state officials opted not to apply for additional money from the federal Hardest Hit Fund. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson called the decision "tragic” for the thousands of Floridians still fighting to save their homes from foreclosure.