<big><b>Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform Whose Spacecraft was Photographed (videos)</big></b>

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The pilot that visually confirmed reports of an unidentified flying object in the skies over Arizona for air traffic controllers last is an accomplished aviator and retired air force B-1B Lancer.

INSIDE AREA 51: Most close up images ever of top secret ‘alien UFO’ base THESE incredible images are believed to be the most close up pictures ever taken of the inside of the top secret US Air.

Movies to DownloadUS Navy personnel aboard the USS Nimitz even filmed the UFO during the encounter that lasted several hours, according to Chris Mellon. Mr Mellon served for almost 20 years in the US federal.

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On May 24, my anonymous source, JP, who has provided dozens of photos of different types of craft belonging to a United states air force (USAF) secret space program says he encountered a human looking "Nordic" extraterrestrial. He claims the Nordic was wearing a USAF uniform and invited him to go for a ride in a landed saucer-shaped craft in a secluded wooded area of Orlando, Florida.

The US AIR FORCE collaborates with Aliens: Incredible Photos of UFO and Nordic Aliens UFOmania – The truth is out there.. The Strangest Encounters in Space | NASA’s Unexplained Files.

Young Aliens at Military Bases: Time to Shape Up, Ship Out Posted By: Bob Dane May 20, 2018 Minors, and those claiming to be minors, from Central America are crashing America’s southern border, and U.S. military bases may be their final stop.

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Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform whose Spacecraft was Photographed. JP says that while the craft was on the ground, he was about 25 meters from it, but his cell phone didn’t work. He estimated the size of the craft to be about 20 meters in diameter, and it had three window panes which he could see through.