Bet You Didn’t Think of This Reason for Regular Septic Tank Pumping!

Regular septic tank cleaning is essential to prolong the life of your home septic system. learn how often to schedule appointments and why they’re important. Clean It or Replace It: Why Septic Tank Pumping is Crucial | Angie’s List

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The most common cause is that the tank hasn’t been pumped for quite some time. Without routine pumping, the solids in septic tanks will build up and can reduce the tanks holding capacity. Another reason they might back up is improper disposal of household products.

Septic tank pumping and haul contractors can pump your septic tank. It is a good idea to be on hand to ensure that it is done properly. To extract all the material from the tank, the scum layer must be broken up and the sludge layer mixed with the liquid portion of the tank.

Septic Tank Pumping. When proper septic tank cleaning and septic pumping is performed every 3-5 years, you can drastically improve the functionality and lifespan of your entire system. During your regular septic tank cleaning, the technician will also examine the tank, drains, pipes, and leach field to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Public Health – Seattle & King County recommends that you have "risers" installed to make the septic tank pumping and inspection visits easier and less time-consuming. A riser has locking gas tight lids attached to the tank with access brought to the surface so there is no digging each time the septic tank is pumped.

A simple pump out every 3 years can save you thousands Give us a call today to schedule a technician to come out to pump out your septic tank and clean your filter if you have one. Be proactive with your septic system !!! 863-668-7264 # SepticSpecialists # GotSepticTankPumped # MaintenenceISImportant # SaveThousands # WeCare.

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